Confederations Cup protests continue

Protesters angry at the Brazilian government’s investment in the Confederations Cup, World Cup and Olympics have continued to riot and demonstrate overnight.

Anger in the country is being aimed at the Brazilian government for the €2.5bn being paid into hosting this summer and next summer’s respective football tournaments and then the Olympics in 2016.

Arguing that the money needs to be invested in hospitals and schools instead, protesters have been involved in a number of clashes with authorities in recent days, including last night.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who was whistled at during the opening game of the Confederations Cup, commented on the situation, which has seen forces use teargas to break up disruptions in the opening few days of the tournament.

“Football is there to bring people together,” Blatter has told reporters this week.

“This is clear and I know a little bit about the protests that are here. People are using the platform of football and the international media presence to make certain demonstrations.

“You will see today is the third day of the competition this will calm down. It will be a wonderful competition.”

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