‘Negredo is a striker with guarantees’

Miguel Angel Ferrer Martinez, better known as Mista, has backed Alvaro Negredo as a ‘striker with guarantees’ to replace Radamel Falcao.

The 34-year-old, who also had spells with Tenerife, Valencia and Deportivo, commented this weekend on the prospect of former side Atletico Madrid turning to the 27-year-old to come in as the Colombian’s substitute.

“Falcao has given the club two marvellous years. The Atleti fans have been very grateful to him and he to the fans,” reflected Mista first up.

“He believed his cycle at the club had ended and that it was time to leave. It has been a good transfer for the club and for him.

“Despite being quieter this year, Negredo has scored a lot of goals and has an average similar to Falcao in recent seasons.

“He is a striker with guarantees. If the team’s dynamic is just as good, things will be played out to how the striker likes them.

“The forward is a reflection of the team. This year the Atletico Madrid players have been much more focused, supporting each other all the way and playing at 100 per cent.

“When you have a team like that, the forward benefits.”

Mista then turned his attention to Spain kicking off their Confederations Cup campaign this evening against Uruguay.

“The team have shown that they are not only champions of Europe, but also of the world. The Confederations Cup is the only title they have yet to win in recent years, so I think they will face it with all the professionalism in the world.

“It’s a very important competition, in which they are all eager to shake off the bad taste of being third in the last edition.

“They will want to develop further this impressive record that they have.

“Sometimes they play with a No 9 and other times with a ‘false 9’, but what really matters is that the team wins and the mood is good.

“If the Coach decides to play without a forward, they have done just as well in recent years.

“Del Bosque cannot be reproached for anything.”

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