Arbeloa wants Iker rift sorted

Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa wants his reported rift with teammate Iker Casillas sorted out.

Right-back Arbeloa’s recent comments that the Madrid players let former boss Jose Mourinho down appeared to refer to his own problematic relationship with goalkeeper Casillas, although he tried to play the remarks down.

Now, however, the former Liverpool player admits that he will perhaps be talking to Casillas in a bid to clear the air.

“I don’t have a problem with him and we have a good relationship, so it won’t damage the national team.

“With some of my teammates I have a professional relationship and I’m friends with others, just as in any other workplace, but relationships change and they have their ups and downs.

“It can’t have been easy for Iker this season. Will we speak about it? We probably do need to straighten things out,” Arbeloa conceded to gathered reporters.

On the subject of his defence of Jose Mourinho the 30-year-old maintained he had no regrets.

“I said what I felt, that we were all responsible for what happened at Madrid. We are all to blame because we are a group.

“I was self-critical so I began with myself and said I wasn’t happy with my performances this season. If anyone was singled out then it was me.

“I did not name Casillas or speak about him indirectly and too much has been made of it.

“The fact I defended Mourinho has not done me any good and the Iker issue has also hurt me,” he added.

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