Del Bosque: No Iker-Arbeloa issue

Vicente del Bosque has played down the fallout between Iker Casillas and Alvaro Arbeloa, determining that it has not affected the Spain camp’s mood.

Arbeloa commented recently that Real Madrid’s players should take responsibility for Jose Mourinho’s exit from the club, with it assumed that he was taking with particular reference to those that did not get along with the Portuguese, such as Casillas.

However, Del Bosque has commented that if there is an issue between the two players, it is not having an effect with the duo as part of the 23-man squad preparing for the Confederations Cup later this month.

“I have not seen anything to draw my attention,” Del Bosque told reporters at his Press conference this week.

“They sit at the same table to eat and if they have had a discrepancy then it is no surprise as it happens in every dressing room.

“There is no unity of thought in all things. There are 23 players who have their opinions.

“Their relationship does not affect the health of the coexistence of the squad. When they are then at their clubs, it is not my business.”

Del Bosque considered possible team selection for La Roja’s upcoming friendly test with the Republic of Ireland set for Tuesday evening in New York, early Wednesday morning UK and Spanish time.

“Casillas has been generous to his colleagues in stating that he has begun with a disadvantage. All three are fine, but Valdes and Reina have had more continuity.

“Against Ireland, Victor Valdes will start. In the tournament we will see if one begins or another ends, or if I alternate. But whoever I put in that position will not go wrong.

“David Villa will start against Ireland. We will decide how to start the tournament. I have various formulas and all are valid.

“Although Spain is considered an attacking squad with goalscorers, success in short tournaments has been in a defensive system.”

The game against the Irish is Spain’s second and last warm-up match for the summer’s Confederations Cup in Brazil.

“We have come to win, whilst we will not be any less against Tahiti, there are seven opponents we could face who can win.

“It is a tournament in which there are four world champions, the last Olympic champion, the European runner-up and one of the national teams with the most potential in Japan.

“This tournament has another incentive, which is to play against Brazil. That would be nice. It is something that many people are hoping for. We will see if we can produce it.

“The heat? It is a handicap for all and it is hard and difficult to play in such conditions, as was seen in the match against Haiti.

“The players had a hard time, they were hit by the conditions, but the two goals we scored early counted more than the heat.

“Under these conditions and with the game resolved after 20 minutes, we lacked the stimulus that the team has on other occasions when it is necessary to win.”

Del Bosque was asked of the influence Xabi Alonso’s absence has had on tactics.

“Alonso’s absence is significant because Spain has based their play for a long time on him and Sergio Busquets. Around these two the team has revolved in both attack and defence.

“They have given a flow to the national team, but now Xabi is not here and we have alternatives, more offensive, as was against Haiti the other day, with Javi Martinez in midfield and ahead of him Cazorla and Fabregas, or with others that are more conservative that can be used in any occasion.

“We will not be worried about Xabi’s absence as we have these other solutions.”

The Coach also considered the possible changes from the current squad ahead of next summer’s anticipated return to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

“Spain has a stable workforce, which has been incorporating new people and we can find replacements, whilst there are guarantees offered by those with the Under-21 squad, as we can see from their work in Israel [at the UEFA Under-21 Championship].

“I am calm because almost everyone that is here for the Confederations Cup will remain for the World Cup.”

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