Messi: “I don’t feel good”

Lionel Messi said after Argentina’s scoreless draw with Colombia on Friday that he still does not feel good after playing little football lately.

Messi has been struggling with a hamstring injury and, for the first time in boss Alex Sabella’s reign, started the game on the bench, only coming on for the final 36 minutes.

However, he claims his recent inactivity has not left him with a very positive feeling.

“I don’t feel good after struggling for two months and Alejandro [Sabella] said it would be better if I went on in the second-half,” Messi told reporters.

In his analysis of the game, the Barcelona player said the key figure had been the referee, Venezuelan Marlon Escalante, who controversially disallowed two Sergio Aguero goals, and Messi told of the argument he had with him.

“I explained to him that I did not anticipate the play or fake anything. I just carried on running.

“It was not offside. He told me that but said he had already blown the whistle.”

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