Investors ‘duped over Neymar deal’

DIS investment group’s CEO Roberto Moreno has criticised both Barcelona and Santos over different aspects of Neymar’s transfer this summer.

The 21-year-old has moved across to the Camp Nou in a deal Barca reported was set at €57m, which included a €10m downpayment made in November 2011 for the player to agree a pre-contract with the Catalans.

To Moreno, whose company DIS owned 40 per cent of Neymar’s rights whilst he was at Santos, that was an illegal operation.

“Barca have recognised that they have advanced €10m for Neymar when he was at Santos,” Moreno reflected on RAC1 today.

“This is classified as a serious breach of FIFA regulations because he was still under contract with Santos.”

Moreno was also criticial of Santos, claiming that the €9.6m DIS are due to receive for their 40 per cent share of the player does not correspond with the fee Barca have paid.

“We saw on television that Barca have said the deal was done for €57m.

“And here Santos are talking about €17m. We feel duped.

“Santos is hiding the truth so that the investors receive less.”

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