‘Cristiano thinks he knows everything’

Jose Mourinho has criticised Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo for ‘thinking he knows everything’, and commented on Pepe’s issue with him too.

The 50-year-old has left the Santiago Bernabeu after a difficult third season to return to Chelsea.

On from rumours of uneasy relationships with the likes of Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos, the Coach revealed that there was also a minor issue with Madrid’s No 7.

“Cristiano Ronaldo may think he knows everything and that a Coach cannot help him progress,” Mourinho told Punto Pelota this week.

“We have had a very basic problem with him – I criticised him at a tactical level and at that time he did not take it very well. He did not accept my words.

“But no problem. He didn’t play the last two games of the season because he has had a back injury in recent weeks. I do not doubt the injuries of the players.

“He has played three fantastic seasons for me, I do not know if they are the best of his career, but we have found for him a fantastic tactical situation to express his full potential and to express that in goals.”

Pepe was dropped from Mourinho’s final few games in charge for criticising his treatment of Casillas since the turn of the year.

“I don't know whether he betrayed me or not, that's a fine question that you should ask him.

“He had more than the one foot out the door at Madrid, I have brought him back inside. I have fought for him to have a proper contract.

“He has had to compete this year with a boy 13 years younger than him [Raphael Varane], but a young man who in my opinion deserved to play and has assimilated fine.

“And I think Pepe has not handled this situation right. And suddenly, all the people that called him a murderer and the worst of things start to protect him.

“I'm glad for him, he's a fine player for Real Madrid and he deserves the support he's receiving.” Mourinho was asked of his man management technique.

“I am a Coach that is comfortable with others. With a person like me, you have to step up. I do not have to thank anyone, nor have anyone thank me, we are paid to play, to train, to have a compatible social life…

“The clubs pay me, agree with me and I have to give everything, forget myself.

“The best thing for the players is that I go, but I do not regret anything, it is not worth it. I will no doubt take with me the pride of having belonged to Madrid.

“I came here at the best moment in my career. I thought my career would have been meaningless if I hadn’t coached this giant.”

Mourinho then reflected on Aitor Karanka’s work under him and also had words for Madrid’s next Coach.

“Thank you to Aitor, because the others have been in my group. He has defended the working group and Madrid.

“I wanted him to continue with us, but I understand his decision, he is a man of Madrid, he will have much to contribute and he is ready to start his career as a head Coach.

“Karanka is our Spanish brother.

“The next Coach? For me it would be an offence to qualify as a peacemaker,” Mourinho commented, in reference to Marca labelling Carlo Ancelotti that.

“I hope Carlo has the full support and is very happy.

“The next Coach will discuss how he finds the club and has everything at his disposal. We have not pressed ‘delete’ on the computer or installed a virus.

“I hope whoever comes in has the honesty to say how they have found the group’s dynamic.”

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