LFP relegate Guadalajara

The Spanish Football League (LFP) has punished Segunda Division outfit Guadalajara with relegation to the Segunda Division B.

The Castile-La Mancha outfit, based just outside of Madrid, saw disciplinary proceedings opened against them in February by the League for ‘fraud, misappropriation and unfair administration’ during a seasoned equity offering by the club last summer. 

Speculation at the time was that the complaint could have serious implications and it has been confirmed today that following on from a court ruling in the LFP’s favour, they have taken administrative action to relegate the team as punishment.

Whilst Guadalajara, who apparenty raised €2.9m in their actions last summer, can appeal the decision, but as things stand, Racing Santander, Real Murcia and Huesca are all given a second opportunity to avoid relegation from the Segunda Division.

The trio were all relegated at the weekend, but if Guadalajara, currently 17th and safe, drop down, then the team in 19th and the usual final relegation spot in the table will instead be safe.

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