Iniesta: Messi will make Neymar better

Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta believes Lionel Messi will make Neymar even better when he arrives at the Camp Nou, and vice versa.

“The great players always understand each other. Leo will make Neymar better and Neymar will make Leo better. It’s a team game and the sum of everything is what makes this club win things,” Iniesta told a Press conference on Monday.

“Neymar will contribute a lot because he has a talent that is far above the normal. He is spectacular and has a long career ahead of him, so he has come to the right club.

“Each person does what they want to do with their life whilst also respecting the rules of the club,” he added, on being asked about the Brazilian’s lifestyle.

Iniesta also spoke about the upcoming Confederations Cup.

“I couldn’t play in the last Confederations Cup and it’s a competition that Spain hasn’t won, so we’ll be going into it with hopes of doing well and being able to win it.”





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