Mou: Managing groups now harder

Jose Mourinho has reflected on the increasing difficulty he is finding in managing groups of players, as well as how he feels a developing responsibility in football.

The Portuguese departs Real Madrid this month after three mixed years in charge and spoke to Portuguese outlet Jornal de Noticias, who prompted him initially for comment on his poor relationship with the Spanish media.

“It has always been my professional principle to open and close cycles without speaking of negative aspects,” responded Mourinho in the interview published today.

“I will try and do that and not mention the Spanish Press.

“Do I look for targets through the media to create a ‘them-and-us’ motivation for my players? No.

“I believe that success depends on the objectives of a group, as such, that they are able to identify, establish and fight for them.

“As a group. And it is increasingly difficult at present to have a group function as a group.

“Values are lost, personal and professional education is becoming worse and they are more influenced by moral principles.

“Schools are different, families are different, children are different and the working groups are replicas of collectively formed characters.

“Here is the new difficulty of the current society and of football in particular – working groups.

Mourinho was asked how, when accustomed to success in the game, he reacts to losing.

“Twenty titles won in all the countries is many! I have realised that in trying to win more often, I have matured and understand that not winning is part of my professional life.

“So today’s defeat, to me, is far from being a drama. And it was always a starting point to evolve from. Now even more so.”

Mourinho was also asked to consider his place in the game and its history.

“With the departure of someone like Alex Ferguson, I realise that as a Coach I am still relatively young, compared to those at the top who have been there the longest.

“And it makes me feel other responsibilities. I think I am one of the three Coaches with the most games in the Champions League, I am the one who has the most titles, I have been at the top for over 10 years, I have to feel responsibilities.

“The younger ones expect it of me and I cannot disappoint. And it is not about winning.”

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