Manzano: The players are miserable

Gregorio Manzano lamented Mallorca’s relegation to the Segunda Division, which came despite a last day win.

The island outfit defeated Real Valladolid 4-2 in Week 38, but needed results in Real Zaragoza, Deportivo and Celta Vigo’s game to also go their way.

Whilst Zaragoza and Depor both lost, Celta’s 1-0 win over Espanyol doomed Mallorca to relegation.

“It is a hard time, at other moments this club has smiled at the end of the season,” reflected Manzano afterwards.

“At times they have experienced things differently and we had the goal that we could achieve this again and that we would now be happy, at least we have been in it until the last minute.

“The players have said little, there have been few words. It is a sad moment, especially for Mallorca, who is a club that we owe.

“We could not reach our goal, the players are sad, miserable.

“After what has happened, I do not regret having returned. From the first day to the last, we have fought, the coaching staff here, we have put everything we have into this and more.

“We could not achieve the goal. And when I returned I came with all the hope and love in the world that we could do it, I am the first to be sorry.”

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