Manzano: Difficult, but not impossible

Gregorio Manzano has admitted that Mallorca’s situation is not favourable, but has made clear that they must only focus on earning a win.

Hosting Real Valladolid on Saturday night, the island outfit know that they must win and see Real Zaragoza and Celta Vigo fail to do so and Deportivo lose, due to a superior head-to-head, if they are to avoid relegation.

“The first premise is to win, from the first minute,” Manzano declared to reporters.

“Saturday we have to win our game, there is no other situation. That is the first premise, whilst if the other three do not meet their goals…then that is the hope that we all have.

“We need three results against them that are possible, why not, in football, who can say that we will not get the results?

“I think it is a situation that is difficult, but not impossible.

“This is the only way have of thinking about our game. And we dream it and believe in it. And on that basis we have worked through the week.

“Will I follow the other results? Sometimes the best radio is the atmosphere of the crowd. This weekend I think we are all in this situation, but personally I will not be aware.

“We must be aware of our game, our goal and obviously then we will know.

“But creating uncertainty, anxiety and nerves with a radio, I do not think it does anything other than slightly deflect attention.”

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