Zaragoza President implicated

A Marca report claims the finger of suspicion has been pointed at Real Zaragoza President Agapito Iglesias regarding match fixing.

It maintains that several Presidents of First and Second Division clubs in Spain are now questioning the practices adopted by Iglesias [pictured, right] and are highly suspicious of his methods.

“One manager refused to sign for them. That was before Manolo Jimenez joined Zaragoza. In front of several witnesses, he claimed that he turned them down because the owner, Agapito Iglesias, said he had to make sure he won the first matches of the season and that he would take care of the last ones. That manager is no longer in Spain,” a President of one of the First Division clubs told the newspaper.

“It's just not on that every season there are people who sort their points out at the end. It puts us all at a disadvantage. If we leave the solution for next season, it will be even more of a problem. It's very clear what went on this year and last,” another President was quoted as saying

“At the Europa League final between Porto and Sporting Braga we saw Agapito boasting to several Presidents and an agent that he had already fixed the match against Levante,” he added.

“They asked him about it and he laughingly replied that ‘it was all fixed’. We couldn't believe our ears,” a third President remarked.

“I wouldn't give Agapito the time of day after what he did last season and everything I've heard about him,” concluded another.

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