Valdes explains Barca non-renewal

Barcelona goalkeeper confirmed at a Press conference on Friday morning he will not be renewing his Barca contract.

Valdes appeared on time and made a speech during which he explained the reasons for his non-renewal, his silence on the matter and why he owes the fans an explanation.

“I know I have been quiet these last few months and I have not responded to media requests, so I apologise,” he began. “I know I owe the fans and members an explanation why I am not renewing my contract.

“I been here 20 years, 12 of them in the first team, and have been lucky enough to share a dressing room with the best players in the world. I’ve won titles I could only have dreamt of when I was a child.

“Barca have given me and my family everything and helped me to be a professional, so I owe them everything. There is a lot of pressure being the goalkeeper here and I’ve felt the responsibility of playing between the sticks and representing this shirt.

“It’s a decision I have taken over a few seasons and it has been psychologically exhausting. I consider my time at the club over when my current contract ends in 2014, so I decided to communicate that to the club in January when they proposed a renewal.

“I didn’t want anyone to speculate about money, my professionalism or love for these colours, so I told the club I didn’t appreciate any figures. It was a compliment they wanted me to stay but it was a final and irrevocable decision.

“Past experience makes me think there could be some negative thoughts towards me, so I told the club to make a statement to the members. But they thought differently and I am obliged to do it personally.

“I know many people will think I am irresponsible and some will be disappointed, but that was not my intention. I wanted to be sincere and transparent after a long career and I understand that in 18 months you can find the best solution for both club and player.

“I’m open to the best solution and if anyone feels upset – Press, fans, members – then my  sincere apologies. I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the years and especially over the difficult recent months.

“These have been months of silence when I have focused solely on sport and what is best for the team. Let me be clear that I will defend this shirt to the death,” he added.

Valdes has been linked with a move to Monaco and it is understood the 31-year-old has already agreed terms with the French club.

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