Heynckes plays down Madrid link

Bayern Munich Jupp Heynckes has dismissed Anatoliy Tymoshchuk’s claims of a deal with Real Madrid, but has left the door to speculation open.

The 67-year-old has been linked with a return to the Santiago Bernabeu this summer, when his time with Bayern draws to a close.

Yesterday saw Bayern’s Tymoshchuk tell Russian media that the Coach was ’99 per cent certain to go to Madrid’.

Whilst playing this down today, the tactician failed to clarify his intentions beyond this season.

“I have seen the reports and I do not know where he has gotten that idea from,” laughed Heynckes at his Press conference ahead of Bayern’s German Cup final this weekend.

“I’ve said before. Tomorrow, if I am in the mood, I will talk about my future. Otherwise, I will do at some point in the first week of June.”

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