‘Mourinho was, culturally, a disaster’

Barcelona’s Carles Vilarrubi has once more hit out at Jose Mourinho, as well as reflected on Pep Guardiola’s preparations for Bayern Munich.

Last week saw the Barca Vice-President label the outgoing Real Madrid Coach as a ‘scourge on Spanish football’, and in talking to The Telegraph this week, has expanded on that thought, beginning with a warning to Chelsea, who look set to re-sign him.

“It is not good for English football. Chelsea maybe think they had a good time from him in the past,” Vilarrubi declared.

“But you will see the real Mourinho now. If he behaves like he did in Spain it will only be an unhappy relationship. A disaster. And at his age he is not going to change.

“My position is not because he was the Coach of a rival. But because of who he is and what he did. His three years in Spain he only creates disagreements, arguments, there is nothing positive he brings.

“You can learn good things about life from watching people in football, or the circus, or the opera. There was nothing he brought that was good.

“There was no positive balance. I cannot see anything good about him. Not one thing. In sporting terms, maybe I am not the person to ask. But in cultural terms, he was a disaster.

“Apart from his aggression to the Coach of Barca, the ambience he creates everywhere he goes, the relations with the players, with the Press are absolutely terrible. I am happy that he is leaving. And so is everyone in Spanish football.”

Vilarrubi reflected that the atmosphere at Clasicos was worsened during Mourinho’s tenure.

“It seems we play Real Madrid eight times a year when he was in charge, we draw them in every cup. I normally like to play Madrid, I have a good relation with the President.

“But Mourinho made it very hard work. There was always a crisis. It was exhausting. My responsibility is for external relations. Always we had problems. Mourinho would say something and there would be war declared in the papers.”

Vilarrubi was asked of the dominance of German football in Europe this season and the prospect of former Barcelona Coach Pep Guardiola taking over at Bayern Munich in the summer.

“It bothers me Bayern Munich winning the League, the Cup, the Champions League without Guardiola.

“Now they have him, it will be very tough for us. He is one of the best coaches in the world. A great person, a very intelligent man, I’m very proud to have worked with him.

“I do not know this for sure, but I bet you a beer when he makes his first press conference in Munich he speaks in perfect German.

“I had lunch with him in New York in March and I asked him what he was doing with his time. He tells me he is playing a lot of golf and having a few German lessons.

“I know what a few means. With Guardiola, he will have been studying.”

Barca have begun their work in preparation for next season already with the signing of Brazilian star Neymar.

“We try to be the exact balance between the base of the team being produced from our own, educated in the ways of Barcelona, and the magicians we will also bring in.

"We need always to bring in the best. If you go to La Masia, if you see what’s going on with the young guys, you can see these guys playing like Xavi.

“They are taught to play like Xavi. These are the fruit of the seed we planted 30 years ago. You will see in the next five years, we will overtake the Germans.

“The minimum for us at the start of every season is to beat Madrid, to finish ahead of them. We have done that already, so this is a good season.

“But if we beat Malaga [on Saturday] we will have 100 points, the same as Mourinho had when he won the league.

“He is always showing off how great he is that he had 100 points. Well, if we beat Malaga we will match that. So we must.”

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