Cruyff questions Valdes, advises Tito

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff says he finds it ‘strange’ that goalkeeper Victor Valdes is leaving the club.

“It is a strange thing that Victor Valdes wants to leave the best club in the world,” Cruyff told Catalunya Radio, before giving current Barca boss Tito Vilanova some advice.

“Tito has not got as much experience as [former boss] Pep Guardiola and also has a huge problem, his illness,” said the Dutchman.

“It is not advisable to coach when you are still trying to get back your strength. I had heart surgery but can you coach Barcelona when you are not 100 per cent? First of all I would advise Tito to take care.”

When asked if he would have put another Coach in charge during the two months Vilanova was receiving treatment for parotid gland cancer in New York earlier this year, Cruyff was unequivocal.

“I think so. Sometimes you need to make decisions even though they are very difficult. Everyone must think about the team.

“If the team is to function then everyone has to think more of the team than themselves."

Finally, he had some parting words for Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho before he leaves at the end of the season.

“There is nothing you can do about his behaviour. If you do battle with a player who is the best then it cannot be, but I believe that is what happened.

“Mourinho is not guilty now but for what he has done for the last two or three years. He has done a disservice to Real Madrid.”

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