Montoya hopes Neymar behaves

Martin Montoya has welcomed Neymar to Barcelona and believes that if he keeps his head down, he can strike a good relationship with Lionel Messi.

The Brazilian has agreed to transfer over to the Catalans from Santos this summer and is now set to share a dressing room and an attacking line-up with Messi.

“He's a star and is really going to entertain. It's going to be incredible,” Montoya reflected to reporters this week.

“Will he struggle to get along with Messi? Those are things that they're saying in the Press.

“Leo is a great person. If Neymar behaves, he'll get along with Messi. Leo gets on well with everyone.

“Messi is the main captain. Neymar has to adapt to the team and especially to Messi.

The defender is the subject of speculation this summer, as to whether he will stay at Barcelona or leave on a permanent or temporary deal.

“I'm happy. I have a contract until 2014. It is up to the club whether I go on loan or to another team.

“I would have liked to play more minutes this season, although I've played more than I expected.

“I want to be at the club next season and play at least 30 games. I've had a positive campaign.”

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