‘Bale should just go abroad’

Marcel Desailly has strongly advised Real Madrid target Gareth Bale to leave Tottenham Hotspur this summer to sample life abroad.

The Welshman is continually linked with a possible move out to La Liga, with Madrid said to be preparing a bid for his services.

Despite Spurs reportedly countering their interested with a £150,000-a-week contract offer, former Milan and Chelsea man Desailly believes that there can be no price put on the opportunity to move abroad.

“He should go, he should just go. Tottenham will not give him the opportunity to play at a very high level,” Desailly told the BBC this week.

“There's no price for experience. I think it's the time for him to go.

“He needs to discover, as David Beckham has done, that an English guy or a Welsh guy has the capacity to export himself.

“It's not a matter of money because he has [money] where he is at Tottenham – it's just the experience.

“Experience to play at a very high level at a club that has the culture of victory, a club that has trophies in the cupboard – not one or two, but plenty.

“To experience playing with other big players, to be maybe a second choice. To face difficulty, a new language for his family.

“It's a real change of life and an approach to life as a human being and as a soccer player.”

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