Barca Columbus stunt enrages Collet

Espanyol President Joan Collet has expressed his anger at Barcelona city officials for decorating a statue of Christopher Columbus in a Barca shirt.

In a marketing scheme was agreed through Havas Media Barcelona and Nike for Barcelona city council to allow Columbus’ famous statue this week to be adorned a replica of FC Barcelona’s recently launched jersey.

However, Espanyol’s President has taken exception to the stunt, citing it as another example of the city authorities’ bias towards La Blaugrana. Mayor Xavier Trias has previously had to apologise for remarks that: “to have a son in law who supports Espanyol or Madrid would be a disgrace.”

“I am very upset, but I do not know if I am surprised. complained Collet today.

“The culprit is totally the city council of Barcelona. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

“We have filed a complaint with the council. At the very least, in expressing the feelings that we have, this disparages the other teams in the city.

The city will be paid €94,100 plus VAT for the stunt, but Collet does not see that as justification.

“These things are priceless, plus there is an ordinance prohibiting advertising on monuments, this is an injustice.

“I’m biting my tongue, because if I said everything that I am thinking…

“No-one in Rome, at the Fontana di Trevi, or in Milan or Munich, would do this. These things are not normal, they only happen here.

“And Barca as an institution, they are not responsible.”

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