Zamorano: Change is good

Ivan Zamorano is enthusiastic for the spirit of change at Real Madrid this summer, as he revisits his old club.

The retired Chilean spent four years at the Santiago Bernabeu during the early to mid-1990s, winning the League and finishing as top scorer in the 1994-95 campaign.

In considering Madrid’s future, which will now be under a new Coach in light of Jose Mourinho’s confirmed departure come June, the 46-year-old is open minded.

“You always have to be optimistic and think that things are going to change one way or another,” commented Zamorano to Madrid’s official website this week.

“The team didn’t win much this year but in the end Real Madrid has to constantly strive to be a leader.

“It’s good when changes are made for the better, to think that things are going to change and that Real Madrid is going to continue on that constant quest to always be champions.”

Zamorano reflected on his visit this week to his old club and the memories it has brought up.

“It’s very special when I return to an institution that I love so much, where I spent four wonderful years, and a stadium that gave me some incredible memories.

“Every time I look at that goal where I had the chance to score a goal that meant the championship, where I was champion, Pichichi, and where the love of the fans is intact and it seems like I never left, makes me feel happy to come back to Madrid.

“I think that players pass through and it’s the people that stay. It’s all very tied in with what you’ve learned over your career, and it makes me happy that people continue to remember what I did in this club and value what I gave to this institution.

“For me, Real Madrid is something really special and it’ll be with me until I die.”

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