‘Florentino Perez has no project’

Eugenio Martinez Bravo has confirmed that he intends to stand against Florentino Perez in this summer’s presidential election at Real Madrid.

Candidates wishing to stand for election on June 16 have 10 days from May 22 to submit their applications to the club’s electoral board.

Martinez Bravo is the 43-year-old President of Plataforma Blanca – a group of club members ‘committed to bring our vision and ideas for Real Madrid to continue to be recognised as the best club in the world’.

Speaking to AS this week, he has indicated his intention to put his name into the hat.

“I want to stand for election, I’d like to, I have the intention and it would be healthy for Real Madrid,” Martinez Bravo reflected.

“It would be good to have an alternative, a debate. Florentino does not have a project and we do.

“I do not want to create false expectations because there is a thing called endorsement and it is very difficult to achieve.”

The club member of 31 years was speaking with reference to the requirement for candidates to match at least 20 years of membership with endorsement for 15 per cent of the club’s total budget, approximately €75m.

“At the Press conference [this week to announce Jose Mourinho’s departure] there was not a shred of self-criticism from Florentino Perez. It is very difficult, but we will try.

“My project is pure madridismo. It will recover the fixtures of Real Madrid, Hierro, Raul, Santillana, Pirri. I would love to call Raul as President and ask if he wants to return. In Germany they paid tribute to him and still there is nothing here.

“The problem we have had over the years is that Florentino has eluded the debate for self-criticism. It is time to sit in a debate before Real Madrid and recognise that he has no project.

“We do have one. Florentino has the backing of €75m to continue as President.”

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