Barca celebrations inspire Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has revealed that one of his coaching methods at Borussia Dortmund involves showing his players photos of Barcelona celebrating goals.

This week sees Klopp preparing his Dortmund side for a Champions League Final against Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich.

The 45-year-old German, who eliminated Malaga in the quarter-finals of the competition and Real Madrid in the semi-finals, reflected this week on some of the secrets to coaching his players.

On from revealing Arrigo Sacchi’s inspiration on his tactics, Klopp explained to The Guardian this week why a source of motivation for his players is photographs of Barcelona players celebrating scoring goals.

“[They celebrate each goal] like it's the first they've ever scored. It's the perfect thing to show my team,” Klopp reflected this week.

“I do it very often. I show them photographs of how Barcelona celebrate. I don't use videos because I don't copy Barca's style.

“But you see them celebrate goal number 5,868 like they've never scored before. This is what you should always feel – until you die.”

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