Diego Lopez believes that his Real Madrid side were unlucky as they lost to Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey final.

Los Blancos lost 2-1 to their city rivals after extra time on Friday evening, but the goalkeeper has claimed that his team should have won the match.

“We were unlucky today,” he told the club's official website. “We hit the post three times and had clear opportunities at goal

Eight or nine times out of ten our play today would have been enough to win.

“It was a very open game and the team did everything to win. Then there were 15 or 20 minutes where we slowed the pace.

At 1-0 it seemed that everything was on track, but in the end the tables were turned. We were unlucky today. We had scoring opportunities throughout the match, but luck wasn't on our side.

We hit the post three times, clear opportunities at goal. It always hurts to lose, but more when it's like this.

It was our last opportunity to win something this year and the squad was very united for the cause. The team was really keen for the extra time to start in order to win.”

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