‘I hope Iker would lift the Cup’

Luis Figo has reflected that Iker Casillas should lift the Copa del Rey trophy if Real Madrid win it tonight, and even if he does not play.

Diego Lopez is expected to start ahead of Casillas for tonight’s final against Atletico Madrid, as the latter’s situation with Jose Mourinho shows no signs of reverse. 

“If Madrid win, hopefully it will be Iker who picks up the Cup, because he is the captain, with everything that he symbolises for the club,” Figo told reporters today.

“Casillas’ issue with Mourinho? Everyone has a different opinion of what is happening, it is very difficult to talk about the subject when you are not involved.

“Tonight’s game? Many times a final is decided by small details, there could be a surprise with a player not expected to do anything going on to decide the game, you never know.

“I believe that games are decided by the players, but that wins and defeats are the work of the entire group.”

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