Higuain looks to Atleti weak points

Gonzalo Higuain has reflected that Real Madrid will look to expose Atletico Madrid’s weak points in Friday’s Copa del Rey Final.

Madrid host this year’s competition end at the Santiago Bernabeu in what is a repeat of the 1992 Cup final.

“I hope we win, that would make us very happy,” started out Higuain in an interview with Bwin published this week.

“It’s always good to start out with the first goal, but we have to stay calm and go out to play our best starting from the first minute and show who really wants to win this Cup.

“Obviously, I’m for Real Madrid.

“Atletico’s defensive strength? If they have fewer goals against them, it's because they're playing well, but our idea is to look for their weak points, which they have.

“And I hope that’s reflected on Friday and we can take it.

“Both clubs’ Coaches are great. So it is going to be an exciting match between two life-long rivals, a Madrid derby, and I hope the winner is our coach, because that means that we are going to win the game.

“Home advantage? The only thing that counts is that we play in our stadium and I hope we can use that factor, but it will be divided up half and half, so I don’t think it’s going to have an influence.”

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