Iniesta Snr: Mou has no shame

Andres Iniesta’s father has come out in support of his son this week, hitting out at Jose Mourinho for criticising the midfielder.

The Barcelona midfielder commented last week that Iker Casillas’ situation at Madrid this season has been ‘strange’, prompting Mourinho to respond that he should worry only about his own team’s issues at the moment.

Iniesta’s dad has now stepped in to defend his son’s motives.

“Mourinho has no respect or shame. Andres never mentioned Mourinho at all: he was talking about Iker, because they have a good relationship, and too right, because he's telling the truth,” Jose Antonio Iniesta told Marca this week.

“Mourinho is always picking fights. The Madrid fans have supported him, but eventually you'll see him for what he really is.

“Whoever's in the team, you have to show your colleagues respect. He's failed to do so with Iker, a guy with great human qualities and who is an institution, both in Spanish football as a whole and at Real Madrid.

“If this had happened in Germany or England, Mourinho would have been long gone by now.”

Jose Antonio was also asked of Andres’ hopes of one day winning the Ballon d’Or and if his future may one day be away from Barcelona.

“He won his own Ballon d'Or a long time ago for being humble and giving so much pleasure to everyone around him.

“He wants to end his career at Barcelona, but there comes a time in football when your level dips because of the strain of competing for so long.

“That will be the time to call it a day at Barcelona.”

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