‘LFP must protect youth systems’

Sevilla President Jose Maria del Nido has appealed to the Spanish Football League to eradicate clubs poaching talent from others’ youth systems.

Del Nido complained earlier in the season that Sevilla were powerless to seeing Barcelona take one of their youth players without compensation.

With new LFP chief Javier Tebas in office now, the Andalucians’ President has taken the opportunity to now appeal to him to help protect smaller clubs’ youth teams from poaching.

“I hope that the new President of the League is the President of all the professional clubs. I hope that it is not an extension of Madrid and Barcelona in the League,” Del Nido told reporters today.

“If we do not protect the grassroots through talent retention at the clubs that train them, we will end up without the canteras.

“If we continue to allow the big clubs to continue to rob homegrown players from other clubs, including Sevilla, then as President of Sevilla I will eliminate the cantera and I will remain perfectly calm.

“And that €6m it costs to run the cantera I will instead dedicate to the first team.”

Del Nido also commented once more on the disparity in earnings that clubs take home in television revenue each season compared with the big two.

“Football is going through a difficult situation, some clubs will be doomed to disappear.

“The distribution of the money is the most uneven of the entire continent and there is a difference of 15 to one between Real Madrid and Barcelona and the teams on the lowest numbers.”

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