Vazquez offended by Barkero

Deportivo Coach Fernando Vazquez commented that his club have a clear conscience and that they are offended by Javier Barkero’s comments this week.

The Levante midfielder was revealed this week to have accused some of his teammates of not trying during their mid-April 4-0 home defeat to Depor, a game that is reportedly under investigation for match fixing.

“As a deportivista, I feel a little offended, but I think that deportivistas have a clear conscience, we do not know the will of Barkero,” commented Vazquez to reporters this week.

“Games can be explained in a thousand ways. It is amazing that some players may think that others have the resources to do strange things.

“It is inexcusable for a professional to make these statements as they can do much damage.

“Barkero will know and I feel sorry for him because he will also suffer the consequences of his own statements because at some point he will have to explain to his peers, whilst Deportivo could also question him.”

Vazquez was talking ahead of Depor’s home clash on Saturday night against Atletico Madrid.

“They are a team that like to fight. If we are not correct in our defending then we may be punished on the counter-attack.

“It is possible that we could be dominating, holding the ball, maybe, hopefully, but they will not stop running, fighting back.

“They like to retreat and play the long ball. This is a game for it, I hope my team are able to defend such situations without panic.”

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