Tebas prioritises debt reduction

Newly elected Spanish Football League President Javier Tebas has once more outlined that reducing La Liga’s debt is his main priority.

Professional clubs in Spain hold record debt figures at the moment, with a combined debt of €690.4m owed to tax authorities alone.

For Tebas, who has taken charge at the LFP at the end of April in an uncontested election, improving that situation is his priority.

“For La Liga to be competitive we need the ratio of debt to income to be normal,” Tebas told EFE this week.

“We are convinced that it will be more competitive because the clubs will then stop having to use part of their income to pay interest and repay debt and instead use it to invest in talent on the pitch, which is what we need.

“The commitment is to reduce debt in Spanish football in general. In recent years the Football League has been an employers’ association rather than a competition regulator for law in sport.”

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