Mourinho: Spanish Press hate me

Real Madrid’s European exit has prompted Jose Mourinho’s thoughts on his future, the Spanish Press and yesterday’s referee Howard Webb.

Immediately after Madrid’s 2-0 win in the Champions League semi-final second leg over Borussia Dortmund, which was not enough to see them eliminated 4-3 on aggregate, Mourinho indicated on television that he could leave at the end of the season.

Following that up with the post-game Press conference, the Portuguese further explained that his issues are with the Spanish media.

“I have not made a decision because I have a contract and, more than that, because in football contracts break down, because of the respect I have for the club and the President,” commented Mourinho.

“I want to try to win the Cup final and finish second in the League and then I’ll see what Florentino Perez, my President and my friend, decides.

“They like me in England. They criticise me when they have to but they also give credit when I deserve it. I know that some club will want me, especially one, and in Spain there are people who hate me, many in this room, and the situation is different.

“It is difficult to make a decision because I like the club as it is now. We are a fantastic team, we can do great things, I want to be honest and I'll talk at the end of the season.

“Has it been worth it to be at Madrid? Every person who is at Real Madrid knows that it has been worthwhile being there, even if it was only for one day, because you can say that you have been the most important club in the world.”

Mourinho was asked of his comments to TV stations before the Press conference.

“I have spoken with several TV stations and I have not said that [I want to feel wanted]. I said I want to think about the final.

“Obviously, I like to be in a situation where people like me without any reservations and I have all the support from different areas and we’ll see what happens. The important thing is Real Madrid, more than me.

“There is no need to worry about me, I am old enough to be able to fend for myself. Real Madrid are a great club and it is important to keep winning competitions, what we have been doing for three years.

“We have to try to win the cup, because the Super Cup would be too little.”

The Coach also reflected on the events from yesterday’s game.

“We were close. If we had scored earlier, we would have had more opportunities, but football is about scoring goals. The Bernabeu was fantastic, they believed until the end, but we didn't make it.

“In football you win or you lose, and we could have won this tie. They had a couple of big chances but that was as a consequence of how we were playing in the last part of the match, where we risked absolutely everything.

“Here we were a team, with character and desire, and we could have done it. I don't forget the first match – there we were very, very bad and we have been punished for that, not for tonight.

“Whether I stay as Coach is not important. Madrid have achieved many European Cups in two different periods. We have recovered some of the lost prestige, but we have not won the competition, and it will come in the future.

“I do not know when. If it is with me, OK, and also OK if it is not with me on the bench.

“I'm not satisfied because we will not win the competition [this season]. We know it's a difficult competition and we lost this tie in Dortmund.

“The important thing now is Real Madrid, don't worry about me. Madrid is a great club and have to keep winning competitions. Now we have to win the Copa del Rey.”

Mourinho also took exception to referee Howard Webb’s performance.

“It is unfortunate that Webb stopped being a referee and to be a man, I have said that to him because I have his confidence.

“Hummels should have been sent off, we all saw his stop, it was not a penalty, it was a free-kick, but it was a clear red card because Cristiano’s pass would have left Benzema alone against the goalkeeper.

“There were 18 minutes left plus injury time and Webb thought that about the guy not playing the final but first he has to be a referee and then a man. He had to send him off and the story would have been different.

“So, that shows that Webb has lots of things that make him a good referee as well as a good person. I prefer to have good referees but the rules are there to be followed.

“I try to be fair and I think if we had played with the same attitude in Dortmund that we would not have had to make the comeback in this match.”

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