Barkero apologises to teammates

Javier Barkero has apologised to his Levante teammates for accusing them of playing poorly against Deportivo, which caused a dressing room divide.

The midfielder was reported today as the cause of a dressing room split at the Ciutat de Valencia in light of remarks he made at half-time during Los Granotes’ eventual 4-0 defeat at home to Depor.

Accusing Juanfran, Gustavo Munua, Sergio Ballesteros and Juanlu of playing poorly, Coach Juan Ignacio Martinez reportedly had to intervene as a strong argument broke out, before Barkero repeated his accusation in a players’ meeting later in the week.

Addressing reporters today, Barkero accepted full blame for the incident and has apologised to his teammates.

“I just wanted to publicly say what I have said to my teammates before training begins,” the midfielder commented at a conference today where he did not take questions.

“I have apologised to everyone and especially my four teammates, whom I accused of something that is wrong.

“I apologise to Sergio, Gustavo, Juanlu and Juanfran, because I think I have done much damage to their image, to them and their families, and they do not deserve it because they have given a lot to this club.

“I am wrong, and accused them of something that really has not happened and I want to highlight that.

“We will try to remedy the situation. Let’s make this succeed, there are five games left.

“I’ll talke to them and I hope that our relationship can become as best as it can and that this does not become more than it has been.

“This is an event that has been difficult, and I want to apologise to the four of them because I have done a lot of damage.”

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