Klopp: We aren’t there yet

Jurgen Klopp has warned his Borussia Dortmund players that they have not yet eliminated Real Madrid from the Champions League.

The Germans hold a healthy 4-1 advantage heading into tonight’s Champions League semi-final second leg.

“Real Madrid believe they can come back against us and so will act accordingly,” Klopp warned to reporters in his pre-game conference.

“We thrilled our fans in the first leg and everyone knows how we can play but let's see what happens. Madrid will try everything.

“We are not in the final but the first-leg result was better than expected. We will have to fight [on Tuesday] with all of our strength.

“For us to achieve a third title in two years will be hard but we are going to try. We know that Mourinho looked beyond the results and saw that we were playing well.

“Every team in the competition dreams of being in the final. We know we have a very good team but teams with the best individual talent don't always win, the team with collective talent does.

“It would be silly for us to have a clear idea of what we are going to do as Madrid can pose us problems. We have great attacking potential and we proved that in the first leg. We need balance, it's not just a question of only attacking or only defending.

“It is not hard to explain my philosophy. The team need to be disciplined and compact while also looking to be daring.

“We have had this idea of how to play for a long time, it is not mine, it belongs to the team. I didn't invent the game. Theories are easy, it's putting them into practice that counts.”

This is so far the club’s best performance in the Champions League since 1998.

“For Borussia fans, they are maybe used to the UEFA Europa League so being in this competition is very special.

“They will live unforgettable moments. I've heard around 8,000 of our supporters are coming here. Back home, the supporters will also live the game intensely.

“In all households and bars back home many people will be following us.”

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