Schuster believes in Madrid

Former Real Madrid player and Coach Bernd Schuster believes that Los Blancos are capable of coming back against Borussia Dortmund this week.

The Spanish face a 4-1 deficit from last week to try and overcome in Tuesday evening’s Champions League semi-final second leg, but their German former midfielder says that history is on their side.

“I think we can be clear. If someone, for their history, has always been able to make a comeback, it is Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu,” commented Schuster to reporters today.

“It is a stadium that has something magical and so Dortmund will have to eb very careful, because two or three goals can be scored in a moment and the public will be right behind them.

“Barcelona’s comeback is very complicated because all season Bayern have only conceded 14 goals and Barca will need five. I believe that Barca, with Messi, is somewhat improved, but I do not think it will be enough.

“For all the players and Coaches, they must believe that the comeback is possible, because the results are as they are.

“I believe that the two clubs are thinking that they can turn things around, thinking that it is possible, although through great difficulty of course.”

Schuster was asked if the first leg results and potential double elimination of the Spanish by German opposition is a sign that the times are changing.

“There are generations that are marked in certain ways. Spain has played out the last four years, before them were the Germans, Brazilians, British, Italians…it’s normal.

“Spanish football, through Barcelona’s method of short passing, has set up the Spanish national team. It is reliant on players from Barcelona and has been supplemented by others to make the perfect team.

“But this has to end and others like the Germans are all trying to beat the Spanish.

“The winning cycle of Barcelona and Spain in the footballing world, winning all the titles, this too must be seen as ending one day, and then we will see another era and then it will return again.”

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