‘Barca more surprising than Madrid’

Former Real Madrid Coach Leo Beenhakker says that Barcelona’s heavy defeat surprised him more this week than Real Madrid’s.

Both Spanish sides were hit with heavy first leg defeats in the Champions League semi-finals this week, with Barca going down 4-0 at Bayern Munich before Madrid were hit with a 4-1 loss at Borussia Dortmund.

“I was surprised by the win for Bayern over Barca, rather than Borussia’s win over Madrid. Barcelona played lethargically,” reflected Beenhakker to La Xarxa this week.

“This surprised me more because German football has always been the bete noire of Madrid. Barca’s performance surprised me.

“Barca’s players are human, they cannot always do brilliant football. A few Barca players did not reach their level and Bayern were a machine.

“They have the options for the comeback at home. It would not be the first time that Barcelona would have scored four at home.

“They will not give it up as lost, neither Barca nor Madrid. Although Bayern are a great team and it will be very difficult.”

Beenhakker turned his attention to Robert Lewandowski, who he worked with at international level.

“What Lewandowski did against Madrid was amazing.

“I gave him his debut for Poland. Lewandowski has much talent and he is quick in the mind, always looking for the goal.

“It was clear back then that he would be a player with a great future.

“He has demonstrated that he is a strong player and that he is capable of playing for any team at any level.”

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