LFP to adopt Serie A TV plan?

Newly-elected Spanish Football League President Javier Tebas will reportedly reorganise the distribution of television rights in Spain, to a degree.

The current format sees Barcelona and Real Madrid both pull in an approximate €175m, to account for approximately half of the total €750m television companies pay Spain’s top-flight clubs for broadcast rights each season.

Tebas, who has been confirmed as the LFP’s new President in an uncontested vote this month, is reportedly open to adjusting the current set-up, but without hindering Barca or Madrid.

This follows the news that Spain are to introduce a law to dictate that broadcast rights are negotiated on a collective basis, as opposed to club by club.

Where the likes of Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, Malaga and Valencia have been pushing for a more even system of distribution similar to the Premier League, Tebas is seen as keen to mirror the Serie A method.

Specifically, where the top two currently pull in an amount that is six-and-a-half times that the clubs on the lowest annual sums receive, Tebas will reportedly see to it that by 2016, that gap will closer to five times greater.

Should this be brought in, newly promoted clubs in La Liga would receive €35m a year

This is seen by Marca as based on the assumption that within the next three years the total value of broadcast rights in La Liga will surpass the €1bn mark.

The LFP reportedly see that if this is the case then the gap between the biggest and smallest clubs’ incomes can be pulled in by slightly increasing the smaller clubs’ income each season, without increasing as much nor needing to cut back the amount currently handed to Barca and Madrid.

In Serie A, the difference between the highest and lowest television broadcast incomes in the League is set at four-and-a-half to one.

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