Bartra: We must remember Milan

Marc Bartra admitted that Barcelona suffered against Bayern Munich, but that a second-leg turnaround may still be possible.

The young defender started in Tuesday evening’s 4-0 defeat to the Bavarians and, whilst admitting it makes the Champions League semi-final that much harder to win, he did point to the Last 16 turnaround the team managed against Milan.

“We're very disappointed after that defeat. It wasn't easy at all out there. We have to try to remain optimistic even though tonight's result makes things difficult,” mused Bartra afterwards.

“We'll go into the second leg mindful of what we managed to do against Milan. We scored four goals against them, why can’t we score four again?

“We need to be optimistic, we owe it ourselves to finish well.

“The fans will come to support us and, for them and for the club, we will be making a huge effort.

“We knew they were good physically but we have to be self-critical now and learn from our mistakes.

“It wasn't our night tonight, but let's hope the next one is ours.”

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