‘I know Barca as I know Bayern’

Jupp Heynckes has reflected on his familiarity with Barcelona and on Bayern Munich’s core strength heading into this week's Champions League meeting.

The Coach was speculated in the German media as in a position to ask former Barca and future Bayern Coach Pep Guardiola’s advice ahead of the Germans’ clash with the Catalans.

However, the former Athletic Bilbao tactician has explained that he is already fully aware of Barca’s traits heading into tomorrow evening’s semi-final first leg at the Allianz Arena.

“Barcelona have dominated European football over the past few years,” reflected Heynckes to reporters today pre-match.

“They have a philosophy which is unique to them. They have formed it in the youth academy, it has been known for a while that it is their main feature.

“The first thing I will say is that I have respect for Josep Guardiola as a player and Coach and we have a very good relationship.

“But when the German media said I had to call him, I found that disrespectful, even to Pep. I know Barca as I know Bayern.

“I don't need any information from him, though, because I know Spanish football and Barcelona very well.”

The veteran turned his attention to the key elements he sees playing a part this week.

“If I were to sum up the strength of Bayern this season in one word, I would say ‘teamwork’. We play the most modern football in the club’s history.

“The game has changed. Players have less time and space to think nowadays and more work is done on technique and tactics.

“The whole is decisive but there are always players who can make a difference.

“There are so many different things we can do to prepare but spontaneity and intuition are very important in football.

“Messi? As far as I am aware he has trained normally and he will start.”

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