‘We shouldn’t compare Pep and Tito’

Jordi Roura has looked to downplay Barcelona spokesman Toni Freixa’s comparison between Tito Vilanova and Pep Guardiola earlier today.

Freixa commented that Vilanova’s work as Coach this season sees him deserving of favourable comparisons with Guardiola, ‘including at a human level’, with this season being ‘better than last’.

At today’s Press conference that followed, assistant Coach Roura looked to play down any controversy that the statements have created.

“Guardiola is an extraordinary Coach, and we were all a part of the club, to a greater or lesser extent, over the past few years and I do not believe that comparisons are worthwhile,” Roura told reporters.

“We try to do things right, we can be very happy so far, but there is nothing achieved just yet.

“And in the ‘human aspect’, I suppose Toni is referring to the circumstances that Tito had and the courage with which he faced those.

“Why did Freixa say this now? You will have to ask him what he has intended.

“I think he wanted to commend the work we have done this season whilst I do not believe that he wanted to discredit previous work. Among other things, because we were at the club then too.”

Roura was talking ahead of Barca’s home clash on Saturday evening with Levante.

“Every game is basic. We face this game with all the intensity and desire possible.

“The League is the domestic tournament, the regular one, and if we only won the League this season, we would be very proud of the season we have had.”

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