Mourinho: I’m not unhappy

Jose Mourinho has reflected on this week’s latest round of rumours of his exit from Real Madrid, commenting that: “I’m not unhappy.”

This week saw Canillas President Manuel Alvarez claim that Mourinho had indicated at a talk at the club that he was leaving Madrid in the summer, seemingly confirming what the season’s speculation has suggested.

However, following on from the club, who list Mourinho’s son on their books, backtracking via a statement the next day, Mourinho has dismissed the story.

“Speaking about Canillas is talking about the second home of my son and my second home. But what their President has said is not my problem but yours,” commented the Portuguese tactician at today’s conference.

“He has the problem that he likes to go out in the Press and he likes the attention. He’s a good person but he has that little problem.

“Can I confirm what he said? Yes I can. Next year I cannot say that I will be there doing the talk. I don’t think so.

“I do my job as calmly as possible. And I think I am having success in this regard. If we were not playing anything like we are at the moment, then I would understand that news outside of the sporting aspect would be looked at, but we are in a special situation.

“I have said a thousand times that the important thing now is to win the Cup and to get to the final of the Champions League.

“My relationship with the President, with Jose Angel, and everyone at the club is very good and that allows us to sit down and discuss things calmly.

“At the end of the season I will talk to the President and we will see what is best for everyone. I’m not unhappy here.

“We have this tranquillity. Normally there are problems between clubs and Coaches, in this case there is no problem in our relationship. We will quietly come to a conclusion for all.

“But the best for us and for those who follow Real Madrid is to win the Cup and to continue in the Champions League.”

Mourinho was asked what has him unhappy at the club.

“I’m not unhappy at Real Madrid. We must reach the best decision for everyone.

“There is no perfect club or a perfect Coach. The key is to finish the season well, where is what we are doing.

“We are two games away from the Champions League Final and recently we were 13. Then, when the pressure from the games has ended, we will sit down and come to conclusions.”

The Coach’s relationship with Iker Casillas continues to be a sticking point that many take as an example of why Mourinho could be leaving.

“Tomorrow Casillas will be on the bench. I will play Diego [Lopez], but Iker is in perfect condition to play, it will not be a surprise that one day he will play because he is prepared.

“It’s perfect for me and for everyone, we have two goalkeepers in condition and two young people behind them, who are also capable.”

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