La Liga in for collective TV deal

Spain’s government are looking to introduce a new law that will ensure football clubs negotiate television broadcast deals collectively.

In the current system, each club negotiates its deals separately, with Barcelona and Real Madrid pulling in a combined total of 50 per cent of all the €650m broadcasting income that is paid out.

However, in a move that the likes of Sevilla have been pushing for for a while and that Atletico Madrid have recently been supportive of, the National Sports Council (CSD) are looking at legislation to puch all 20 top-flight clubs into negotiating a single broadcasting package.

“It's an extremely important issue because it's the main source of funding [for the clubs],” CSD President Miguel Cardenal said on Cope radio this week.

“The idea is that the new law will regulate the collective sale [of TV rights] and that they will be sold in a single package.

“It would be natural to expect the gap between those who get the most and those who get the least to narrow.”