Sammer: No Pep talk pre-Barca

Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer has reflected on why the club are not asking Pep Guardiola for advice on playing Barcelona.

The Bavarians, who are set to be taken over by Guardiola in the summer, are up against his former side from next week in the Champions League semi-finals, but they will not be asking for help.

“The great love of Guardiola is Barcelona, so we have excluded asking him anything about Barcelona,” Sammer explained reporters this week.

“Once the season ends we will discuss the challenges Guardiola faces at Bayern. We respect and analyse all rivals, Barcelona we know many things about.

“All that seems so simple is the result of great planning started long ago. Everything is the result of a lot of energy and effort.

“Messi? Without a plan, tactics or intelligence, we cannot get very far. We kept Juventus quiet [in the quarter-finals] and it worked out fine. We will continue the same.”

Bayern are in the German Cup final and have already secured the League title in record time.

“We are very happy to be in the final, but the priority now is the Champions League. We have the Bundesliga in the pocket.

“We are thinking of Barca. They are a team at a great level know for the quality of their youth set-up.

“They are the vertebrate of modern football, which I have discovered when working with the German national team.

“How Barca have come to be so successful with their youth has surprised us all and this tie will not erase all that they have achieved. Their route here has been brilliant so far.

“Barca have shown they can take an idea and organise it down to the youth teams. You can trace the model to other clubs, but they are the inspiration.”

The former sweeper was asked to pick out Barca’s core strengths and particularly highlighted the man who may well be back from knee surgery in time for next week’s first leg clash.

“In my humble opinion, the team’s leader is Puyol. He has prevailed over the years and brings order. Messi is a genius, but he is not alone. Playing the balls for Leo to finish is the triumph of Iniesta, another phenomenon.

“Puyol’s character has a big impact on the team. They must compensate for his absence and it is possible that they will miss his presence on the field.

“This match is a great opportunity for us to return to the roots of football and to show respect for our Coach, Heynckes.

“He is a great Coach with great experience in Germany, Spain and Europe, so he must be respected.”

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