Abidal: Future depends on Barca

Eric Abidal has asserted that he intends to carry on playing but says that any continuation at Barcelona depends on them.

The Frenchman is back to full training and seeing playing action after a year absent, having had to undergo a liver transplant in April 2012.

With his current contract set to expire in the summer, reports are that Barca may not offer another playing deal, but instead an ambassadorial role – Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu has denied the latter suggestion.

“I’m ready to play. But now it depends on the Coach,” reflected Abidal to RAC 1 today.

“If my health allows me, I want to continue playing. I’d like to stay at Barca, but it depends on them.

“I have no offers from other clubs, but I have had many contacts. Barca have treated me very, very well.

“After the cancer, I see life differently, but I’m still the same person. The word cancer is very strong. First, when you talk to the doctors, you are scared.

“I reacted quite badly because the word is very strong. Then I accepted it, because I am very positive. What I said was that I had to return as fast as possible.

“I was not afraid. The doctors were very professional and I went into the operating room with confidence.”

Abidal’s cousin provided the donor required.

“At first I did not want a living donor. Surgeons told me which donors were most likely to be accepted. My best friend was also compatible, but surgeons ended up choosing my cousin.

“Congratulations to my cousin, because he is more a symbol than I am. The star is his.”

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