Low: Spain, Germany not dominant

Germany Coach Joachim Low does not believe that teams from his country and that of Spain are necessarily out in front in Europe.

The Champions League semi-finals list Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and Barcelona, but national Coach Low has refused to say that it confirms the Bundesliga and La Liga as dominant powers in football.

“I do not believe that teams from Germany and Spain are dominant. What we see today is the picture of a moment,” Low told Die Welt today.

“To say that they dominate world football they have to provide such performance for several years, as Bayern and Barcelona have.

“I’m sure that the English, with teams like Manchester United and Chelsea, will also be once again at the top. 

“And the Italians have improved in the last two or three years. We cannot forget Paris Saint-Germain either.

“Therefore, it cannot be assumed that only German and Spanish teams are going forward in the Champions League in the next few years. It would be nice, but I do not consider it realistic.

“Basically we have to watch the development over several years to identify trends. It cannot be overvalued that there are two German clubs and as many Spanish in the last stages of the Champions League.

“This year they are the best. And every game it could be that they have been the best.”

Low looked ahead to this year’s final four and couldn’t pick a winner.

“The four teams have been playing at the highest level, all of them are of high quality. None of these clubs can be considered weak. Now, anything is possible.

“Dortmund will be very strong. Now the Champions League starts for real. It’s like a European Championship or World Cup.

“Now everything depends on little things, how things go on the day. It will be very exciting.

“Comparisons between German and Spanish football? Even Barcelona and Madrid play differently. Both teams have different philosophies.

“Madrid bet by signing big names, Barcelona are such that 80 to 90 per cent of the team is homegrown.

“Bayern and Dortmund are also conceptually different.

“It is why I do not contemplate the semi-finals as German-Spanish duels, but as a struggle between four magnificent, but very different teams.

“The chances to get to the final are very even. There are different characteristics in the different teams. We will have to see who is able to capitalise on their own strengths in the two games.”

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