Abidal: I did not fear death

Barcelona’s Eric Abidal has reflected on his health struggles of the past few months and on how he once, enduring pain, asked doctors to induce a coma.

The Frenchman recently returned to professional football with a substitute appearance for La Blaugrana against Mallorca earlier this month, a year on from undergoing a liver transplant.

That procedure was on from an initial discovery the year before of a tumour on the organ. Speaking to TF1 today, the Frenchman reflected on last year’s events and what he went through.

“The doctors wondered how I could stand the pain. We have spoken of a transplant, but in fact, I had four or five operations in a very short time,” the 33-year-old recallrd.

“I lost 19 kilos. I never thought of death because I know that it is God who decides. I’ve suffered.

“I remember that on one Sunday afternoon I could not bear the pain. I asked the doctors if they could induce a coma.

“After the fourth operation, these same doctors told me that I had a lot of fluid in the belly and they wondered how I could stand the pain.”

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