Lewandowski: Chaos at the end

Robert Lewandowski was left struggling to put into words Borussia Dortmund’s late, late win over Malaga on Tuesday evening.

The Germans booked a place in the semi-finals of the Champions League thanks to two late goals to turn 1-2 into 3-2, at Malaga’s expense.

“It's really hard to describe what went on tonight, but we're happy – we're into the semi-finals,” the forward told reporters afterwards.

“Those final five minutes were absolutely unbelievable. We knew we had to turn the game and it was chaos at the end, but so what? We're in the semis and we're delighted.

“It was difficult after Malaga's second goal but we knew that whatever happened, we needed to do something.

“At 2-2 we were desperate to get the winner and when Felipe [Santana]'s goal went in it was amazing.

“As I say, it's difficult to describe what happened but it must have been unbelievable for the fans.

“We need to see what happens in the semi-finals now and see who we're up against, but that doesn't matter really. We're one of the best four teams in the Champions League.”

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