‘It scares me Leo will one day stop’

Jorge Messi has reflected that to consider that his son Lionel will one day stop playing football scares him.

In a long interview published in Kicker today, Messi’s father covered a number of topics, including how he feels about the four-time Ballon d’Or winner one day hanging up his boots.

“Casually I was talking about this the other day with my wife,” Messi senior reflected.

“I said that the day Leo stops playing, I think it will be the end of a dream and I will not watch football anymore.

“I love everything about football and to imagine that one day Leo will stop playing shocks me. It is something I do not want to imagine.”

One of the reasons Messi moved across to Spain at a young age was due to Barca’s agreement to pay for hormonal treatment that he needed.

“Would he be at Barca if not for that treatment? That is not known. But of course, if my son would not have needed that hormonal treatment, we would not have had such pressure to find a club that paid, which eventually led us to Barca.

“Who made the decision? We asked ourselves, what would we do? We thought about Italy, but afterwards emerged Spain and Barca.

“But we all made the decision. I remember how we sat at a table and decided together, the whole family, the kids also, who were just boys.”

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