Al-Thani: Racism against Malaga

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani yesterday took to social media to label Malaga’s Champions League exit as an ‘injustice and racism’.

Al-Thani, who has scaled back his investment in the club in the last 18 months, took to Twitter last night after witnessing Malaga’s dramatic 3-2 defeat to Borussia Dortmund in the quarter-finals.

Two missed offside calls in the move that led to Dortmund’s decisive third goal from Felipe Santana drew the ire of Malaga’s players and seemingly their owner too.

“I'm sorry to go out this way, injustice and racism,” posted Al-Thani after the game.

“This is not football, but racism and clear of all.

“I hope to open a thorough investigation [by] UEFA regarding the Spanish club [going] out in this way.”

Coach Manuel Pellegrini also hinted at a conspiracy against the Costa del Sol outfit in his post-match address.

Malaga are currently appealing a season’s ban from European competition inflicted on them as punishment for financial irregularities including debts to other football clubs and to their players.

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