AFE to start LFP agreement talks

The Spanish Footballers’ Association have confirmed their intention to begin talks with the Spanish Football League over a new collective agreement.

Talks over a new deal between the players’ union and the League must be concluded by July 9, when the current agreement between the two parties expires.

“We will contact the League to start negotiating the collective agreement. It expires on July 9, once the changes have been undertaken,” confirmed the AFE’s President Luis Rubiales this week.

“We have had an important debate and meeting in which the players have transmitted to us many questions and the uncertainty that exists today.

“We are in a situation of a lack of legislation and a lack of proper financial control. We want a system of guarantees and coverage like that of other Leagues. Players do not understand that with more income than ever there is tremendous insecurity. Spanish football lacks the legal and economic guarantees that it should have.”

Monday saw a meeting between the club captains of 15 of La Liga’s 20 sides, where they asked for greater participation from the AFE in decision making.

“They do not understand and do not participate in economic control. They do not understand how this control was supported by the Sports Council [government].

“We need to talk with them and with the LFP on these issues and others. And to be heard. What happens in this country does not happen in others.

“We want to build and reach agreements. We want the good of football. We want a modern regulation with guarantees and for clubs.

“We want something with consistency, that commitments are met. At a time when wages are lower and income is higher, footballers earn less than ever, except for the stars.

“The LFP have to take this as good news. We plan for solutions.”

The start of the 2011-12 season was delayed a week by a players’ strike after talks between the LFP and AFE over the last collective agreement stalled.

This was over a number of points, including the players’ request that the League guarantee to pay back the €50m of unpaid wages that were owed to them by the clubs, and playing over the holiday period.

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