Simeone values cantera, Europe

Diego Simeone has reflected on Atletico Madrid’s core focus for the future of their cantera and qualifying for the Champions League.

The Argentine has taken the club to the verge of qualifying for the Champions League this season and has reflected that it must be realised as a regular occurrence, alongside developing the youth academy, for Atleti to become credible title challengers in years to come.

“The League is not won in a year. It should be borne from stability and economic balance,” explained Simeone to Revista Minuto116 this week.

“I do not want to lie to people, that is the reality. The economic strength of the club is in the cantera and Champions League. We need stability to grow institutionally and really compete with the greats.”

Simeone also reflected once more on the reasons behind signing a four-year contract extension at the club.

“From the moment I took the responsibility of the challenge of Atletico, I could not imagine taking the decision to leave.

“I have never believed that the Coach is important, never. I always think that the player is much more important than everything else that surrounds them.

“Why did I become a leader? Those who want to be leaders end up falling.

“I did not look to lead, never wanted or prepared to lead. I saw, listened and I realised when it was time to speak, and I spoke.

“I saw that people do not respond when the effort is not worthwhile, when people can be the answer to anything.”

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